Break Bulk

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We provide global breakbulk and out-of-gauge services, bringing you first class project cargo management, no matter whether you have a requirement for heavy lift cargo, or for oversized cargo which cannot fit inside a standard container. Our years of shipping oversized freight means we have the expert project cargo logistics team at your disposal to help with the planning and execution of special loadings, and to assure you of maximum safety and security for each and every cargo project.

According to current containerization practices, cargo handling procedures involving manual labor occur fourteen times, as opposed to sixteen times with break-bulk cargos, in transport of a given item of cargo from manufacturer's warehouse or the like to destination warehouse. The basic practical advantage over break-bulk cargo handling techniques of containerization systems of the type described above is the reduction in the extent to which individual cargo packages are handled. That is, greater quantities of cargo are dealt with in each cargo handling operation with the result that handling costs per individual commercial unit of cargo are reduced to a greater extent that the reduction in the total number of cargo handling operations involved.